FATWATER: Are its Claims Fantasy? Is it a Fad? Is it Fantastic?Ultimately, Am I a Fan?

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From the pioneer ‘bio hacker’ who got us hooked on Bulletproof coffee (adding butter and coconut oil for fast energy with no crash and to lose weight), comes another potentially revolutionary beverage that’s proving divisive among health experts and enthusiasts. 

Fatwater, a sugar-free concoction by entrepreneur David Asprey, contains what it’s name suggests: fat! This is derived from coconut oil and sweetener (usually xylitol), flavouring and purified water. 

Aside from the obvious texture concerns – Asprey claims the wetter mouth feel is the opposite of dry champagne – could this actually work? 

The makers claim that Fatwater offers calorie-burning fuel by bringing easy-access energy to the body in the form of nano-particles of fat. With just 2 grams per serving, the 20 calorie tipple boasts a patented blend of medium chain triglycerides that supposedly takes our bodies three steps to convert into energy. The sugar in energy drinks takes our bodies 26 steps to convert. 

Thanks to said nano-particles, Asprey says his water is more readily accepted by our cells, ultimately hydrating more efficiently. 

Unfortunately there seems to be no conclusive evidence to back up these claims. The scientific results surrounding medium chain triglycerides shows impaired performance. 

According to a dietician I spoke to the energy needed to digest medium chain triglycerides is high, so with only two grams per bottle, a usable post-drink energy boost would be negligible. 

I’ve tried the orange flavour and can attest to the fact it’s quite pleasant to drink and the “drinking grease” taste I expected doesn’t translate, even if it is a slightly acquired texture. It certainly hydrated me and I thought it gave me energy but I didn’t try it for a prolonged period and record the results. 

I have struggled to find a nutrition expert who supports the makers claims, which disappoints me as I so desperately want this sort of thing to be true and life-enhancing for so many people…

With that being said and based on his Bulletproof success watch this space for future validation of Fatwater effectiveness. I for one wouldn’t bet against its imminent arrival! 


Official Fat Water photo. Copywright belongs to Bulletproof Coffee.