Dreamcatcher Series: Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Cassie Lomas

Today I have such a treat for you. I can barely contain my excitement! We have an amazing guest in the magpie nest for this Dream Catcher Interview. This one has caught so many dreams so far – and she’s not done yet! 

I am so thrilled to welcome the gorgeous, absolutely lovely, hugely successful celebrity makeup artist and owner of one of the UKs leading makeup academies, Cassie Lomas!

She’s painted the faces of anyone who’s anyone; Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea, Rebecca Ferguson (to name just a few), is the brand ambassador for ‘B’ by Superdrug, runs the super successful Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy in Manchester, is opening another in London, is the director of her own talent agency, Creatives, AND has just released her own brand of beautiful makeup brushes! 

All of that while juggling being a wife and a mum…

To top it all off, she’s the most incredibly generous, down to earth person, who always makes time to help anyone who asks. So if you have a question, are interested in studying makeup artistry, are just interested in learning how to apply your own makeup (she has plenty of day courses for non-professionals) or just want to keep up to date with the work of one of Britain’s leading artists, check out her social media links at the end of the interview. 

I’m going to be attending Cassie’s amazing school in 2017 so stay tuned for a review of that and I’ll also be reviewing her brushes in the next couple of weeks! 

I can’t get enough of Cassie and soon you won’t be able to either – I defy anyone not to be inspired by her talent and her gorgeous personality. 

Without further ado, I’m delighted to introduce you to the delightful, superstar makeup artist, Cassie Lomas! 


MM: Cassie, welcome! Looking at you, this doesn’t seem possible, but you have been working as a makeup artist for 20 years! That’s a lot of experience… but where did it all begin? 

CL: I started out modelling when I was 14 and that was really my introduction into the works of makeup and the fact that makeup artistry could be a job.

MM: Where or who did you train with

CL: I trained at a local college first and then began working. After about 5 years I realised I wanted this to be my job so went to London college of Fashion which at the time was renowned for being the best place to train. I wanted to train with the best so I could be as good as possible.

MM: You are a leading industry artist, known for creating looks for fashion, music and advertising. What’s your favourite area to work in

CL: I love music because every day is different. You get to do TV, red carpet, editorial and tour the world so the excitement keeps you going even when you work 20hr days.


MM: Although you can clearly do anything, makeup-wise, you are best known for creating gorgeous, natural, flawless, iridescent skin and have a primarily, modern, pretty aesthetic. Has that always been your aesthetic or did it evolve

CL: I just like natural makeup. I’m not a naturally creative person when it comes to avant garde looks and I have to work hard at it. Making people look and feel beautiful however is second nature and I do feel that this is the area I excel in.

MM: You travel the world with your celebrity clients, who is your favourite travel partner or team to travel with? Or is that like choosing a favourite child?! 

CL: I couldn’t possibly choose one because I have great relationships with all my clients. Not only the celebrities but all the team behind the scenes who you get to work closely with.

MM: What has been your favourite travel destination?

CL: I love LA! It just has something magical about it for me and I’ve felt that way ever since my first trip 15 years ago. I’d love to move there. Maybe one day!

MM: What are your flight must-haves for skincare?

CL: Hydration is key, obviously. I am a big fan of wearing no makeup when flying. I always take my B. Miscellar wipes and clean my face before takeoff. I am a big fan of Sisley skincare and use the global anti-age moisturiser but equally I love Nivea cream which my Mum and Nanna both used and passed down to me. My skin needs a lot of moisture anyway and so flying calls for the best.


MM: You recently launched you bespoke professional range of makeup brushes in 2016. How did you decide to branch out into products and what was the process like?

CL: I think it’s a natural progression when you’re passionate about something. Teaching people daily, I could see what would help.

In application and getting it right. Your tools are so important so I made my own that I knew they would work. I’m so happy with them, they are literally amazing! 

MM: I know that you’ve said that many years ago you decided that if you wanted to be the best you had to go to London College of Fashion. After spending 5 years training over 500 artists, how does it feel that people, (including me!), feel that way about your school, Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy? 

CL: It’s really surreal, actually,  and being so busy I don’t have time to stop and take it all in. On the odd occasion when I do, it just makes me cry. I am proud of what I’ve achieved but still have so much more left to do.

MM: What do you think makes Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy so special?

CL: I genuinely care about making people successful. My training doesn’t stop when your course finishes and we’ve built a family unit because I make it my priority to be there for my graduates whenever they need me, despite how busy I am. They all have my phone number and we build relationships that last.

MM: So many reviews mention your lovely mum, Helen, who helps run the academy. What has it been like to work so closely with your mum on such an amazing passion-project? 

CL: I couldn’t have done it without my mum because she has run the academy for me since day one. She cares as much as I do and we have the same ethos that the students wants and needs are at the top of our priorities.

MM: I hear you’re launching a CLMA in London?! 

CL: Yes! I don’t know if I’m mad but I think the formula works so let’s make it accessible to others. I have people travelling from all over the world to come to CLMA so it just makes sense to extend to the capital.

MM: I know this is a hard one for you, but can you pick a couple of career highlights? 

CL: Everyday is a highlight and I try to never take it for granted. I’m lucky but I’ve worked hard to get where I am. Touring with Lady Gaga was great and shooting Iggy Azaleas music video for bounce in India was a fantastic trip.

MM: You did a world tour as Lady Gaga’s makeup artist, which is just incredible, and have a CV packed with anyone who’s anyone, do you pinch yourself that you made it in such a competitive industry?  

CL: I do. Seeing these artists sing on stage and the thousands of people singing back to them makes me choked. Mainly because I’m proud of what they’ve achieved but also because I can’t believe I’m actually doing their makeup and they’re global superstars. Having said that on a day to day basis it’s just work and I’m used to it.

MM: If you could give aspiring makeup artists three tips, what would they be?

CL: 1) Never turn down a job

2) Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing just focus on yourself 

3) If you want it that bad you can make it happen


MM: What was the biggest challenge you overcame on your journey? Did you ever have doubts or did you always know you’d make it? 

CL: The biggest challenge was surviving in the beginning before I was earning money. It’s an expensive industry to get into but I worked in a pub, restaurant, doing temping, promotional work and of course makeup for friends and weddings to earn enough money to live and keep working on my portfolio.

MM: Having worked as a brand ambassador since 2007 and currently working alongside ‘B’ is for Beautiful, the Superdrug own brand, what does the ‘brand ambassador’ role entail? 

CL: It’s amazing working with B. because I really get involved in the range and helping with advice and tips in the manufacturing.

I couldn’t endorse anything I didn’t love and you’ll never hear me plug a product I don’t think is good. With B. they listen to my expertise and team it with their expertise and the range is fantastic because of that. I also help on PR days, doing photo shoots and speaking to journalists to give tips on the newest releases. I LOVE working with Superdrug and can’t wait for the relaunch of the B. range coming out next May. We’ve been working on it for a while and I’m thrilled with what they have in store for everyone!

MM: You regularly film beauty videos for shows such as “Lorraine Kelly” on ITV, as well as starring as part of the ‘Style Team’ in the daytime ITV show “Star Treatment”! Do you enjoy TV work and would you like to do more in the future? 

CL: I do like TV and actually I am filming for a show next week. I do bits and bobs where I can fit it in.

MM: You’re a mum of a little boy and girl, what was the transition like from makeup artist to mum-and-makeup-artist?

CL: It’s really hard because when I first had children I thought I’d never work again because I wouldn’t be able to do everything. Actually my husband is so supportive and I still get to do all the jobs I want. My career was my first baby before they came along! Travelling and being away from them is really hard but that’s life and that’s my job, I get on with it. When I’m not working that’s time for me and the kids so we try to go away every weekend as we have a caravan in Wales on the beach and we love it there.

MM: You have been represented by some of the best talent agencies in the world, and you are now the director of your own. What made you decide to branch into talent representation? 

CL: It was a natural progression to keep helping my graduates succeed. I knew I could do more and so now I have another place for them to make their dreams come true.

MM: Your brother and sister are very successful actors, (Cassie’s brother Jamie has played Warren Fox in Hollyoaks and Jake Stone in Eastenders, sister Charley plays Debbie Dingle in Eastenders). What’s it like when you get to work with them for jobs? 

CL: It is great! We laugh and it makes the day so much fun being together. We are a really close family but because we are all so busy we don’t get to see as much of each other as we would like to. So working together is always really exciting for us all.

MM: You’re incredibly busy. What do you do to relax? 

CL: I don’t relax ever! I’m always planning! My job is also my hobby so I work even when I’m not working.

MM: Do you have a spiritual practice? 

CL: I try to live my life with a Buddhists way of looking at things although I don’t get to practice it weekly anymore as I don’t have the time. I meditate when I need to. I am a hugely spiritual person and I think it’s so important to have that awareness.

MM: What are your dreams for the future?

CL: To have my own range, to continue helping others and to be happy.


Thanks so much Cassie for joining us today. I’ve loved having you! 

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