Cassie Lomas Brush Range Review


Today I’m reviewing the face brushes from celebrity makeup artist, Cassie Lomas’s, brilliant new makeup brush collection.

Cassie has worked with everyone from Lady Gaga to Rita Ora to Cheryl Cole, while also owning her own makeup school, CLMA, and talent agency Creatives and being the Ambassador for ‘B’ by Superdrug.

To find out more about what makes Cassie the ideal candidate to create a sensational brush range, check out out my interview with her here and to find out what makes these brushes so phenomenal keep reading!

This is an absolutely lovely range! They are truly beautiful quality and I would recommend the range to professionals and novices alike.

I will be totally honest and say that I didn’t expect this range to anywhere near as good as it is, because I have exceptionally high standards with makeup brushes, and many lines, particularly celebrity or makeup artist lines sadly don’t compete with my often luxury (code for extortionately priced in terms of Suqqu and Tom Ford) favourites. I’m just a bit of a brush snob because once you’ve found ones that work really well then it’s difficult to go back to mediocre ones.

These are absolutely on a par with most of the luxury brushes I’ve ever tried though and I can’t wait to try the eye brushes next (look out for a review in the next couple of weeks!).

Even my mum commented on their loveliness and she never pays any attention to my makeup, never mind the brushes I’m using!

Speaking about mums – these brushes are all named after Cassie’s closest family and friends which I think is adorable…

Please give some of these a try and I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed!

white-brushesFrom left to right – Dixie, Kiki, Gigi, Helen, Polly, Elkie

Dixie (£20)

I used to think these jumbo fan brushes were a bit pointless when I first started seeing them. I tried the Spectrum Brushes version and the IT Cosmetics version and didn’t get along with either of them so I was surprised to fall in love with ‘Dixie’! She’s a super sized, super fluffy fan-shaped, deliciously soft bristled brush. ‘Dixie’s’ larger than average size lets you cover a large portion of the face quickly and effortlessly and the gorgeously soft bristles distribute powder evenly. It’s described as being a powder, bronzer or chin contour brush. I actually really like it for all types of powder contour and sculpting – especially for defining cheek bones or using a clean ‘Dixie’ with no product on it for blending out contour or bronzer I’ve applied with another brush.

Kiki (£12)

Cassie recommends this brush for adding depth to the hollows of the cheek, for applying highlighter or for dusting a little powder to reduce shine on the face. I liked her best for applying highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones and down the centre of my nose. These aren’t my favourite brushes generally though and I never include them as a ‘must have’.

Gigi (£24)

Gigi is a natural hair brush designed for applying powders, setting makeup or bronzing. I prefer smaller setting brushes (see Frankie and Charl!) but she’s a bronzing babe for sure. She’s a fab size and texture for bronzing.

Helen (£24)

I love Helen! She’s designed for use with foundations and bronzers in both powder and liquid form so is very much a multitasking magician. I can confirm that she applies my favourite (and tragically discontinued) Laura Mercier Creme Smooth foundation like a dream. Helen is every bit as good at applying cream foundation as my Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush and is a fraction of the price. She’s the one I would repurchase over the two which genuinely and pleasantly surprised me. I also love her with cream bronzer like Chanel Soleil Bronze but I found she absorbed quite a bit of water based foundation so I prefer ‘Hubby’ for that. For creamy products, she’s nothing short of brilliant!

Polly (£22)

This pretty little ‘Polly’ is designed for applying contour or blusher and she more than fulfils that brief. She makes it so easy to get a more professional finish with no skill set required. She’s the perfect size for a contour/blush brush – I find most are too big. I find ‘Polly’ similar to the Bobbi Brown contour brush that’s designed to be used with Bobbi Brown illuminating powders and highlighters so I tried her with highlighter and thought she was fabulous at that too. She’s a firm favourite and I recommend her to everyone but especially novices!

Elkie (£12)

Gorgeous little ‘Elkie’ is named after Cassie’s daughter so was bound to be wonderful! She’s designed for blusher, contour or highlight. She’s petite and allows for precise placement but the natural bristles diffuse powder beautifully.

black-and-white-brushes-lined-upFrom left to right – Hubby, Kassy, Charl, Frankie, Emmy, Roxie

Hubby (£18)

A perfect petite foundation brush. This beauty is similar to another of my favourite foundation brushes – Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation brush. My new Hubby is absolutely on a par with CT in terms of quality and performance and I adore her for everything – foundation, cream or liquid contour, cream or liquid highlighter. The best thing is I can use one single Hubby brush for all of these during one makeup application and it’s perfect for popping in your makeup bag and using for top-ups on the go. I’d recommend having a Hubby as good as this very highly.

Kassy (£22)

This is named after Cassie but she’s substituted her ‘C’ with a ‘K’ as a nod to the Kardashian style contouring it is designed to create with its short, tightly packed, firm bristles. It’s incredible when combined with my favourite contouring products (I’ll be putting up a post on these products this week) and it’s also a brilliant foundation brush! The contouring trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere yet and this is the perfect brush to create definition in the hollows of the cheeks. Without doubt one of my very favourite contour brushes who alleviates my worries regarding being able to execute great contouring skills!

Charl (£18)

‘Charl’ is designed for contour, blusher or powder. She is my favourite powder brush EVER on account of her unbelievable softness and small size. She allows me to use precision powdering and is small enough to fit perfectly under the eyes to set concealer or to place powder on the t-zone without overloading and covering too big an area – which is the problem I have with regular powder brushes.

Frankie (£22)

Another divine powder brush. You’ll struggle to find a brush as soft as this anywhere. A bigger version of ‘Charl’ who I also love. If you powder your whole face, she’s your girl (I have skin so dry I tend not to need to) and for all over powdering, she’s another one of my favourite ever brushes.

Emmy (£20)

‘Emmy’ is essentially ‘Kassy’ but her firm, tightly packed bristles are cut at an angle. Another great contour brush and particularly good as a guide for those who are new to contouring as she practically does the work for you.

Roxy (£24)

Great at applying foundation. I also like to apply foundation with ‘Hubby’ and then go over the face with a clean product-free ‘Roxy’ to blend out everything for a seamless and professional finish.


Final Thoughts….

So as you can tell, I am extremely pleased with this brush line. If I were to choose my top four brushes out of the line, they would be;






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