Interview with Lucy Sherwood and Leah Wood


Today we have two lovely visitors to the magpie nest, beautiful friends Lucy Sherwood and Leah Wood, who have created an incredible event taking place in London on December 2nd 2016.

 The aim of the day is to help us all to show up in the world as the brightest, most authentic, loving versions of ourselves possible.

 Sounds good doesn’t it? 

“This workshop will enable you to step into your light, re-capture your power and embrace your bravest, most authentic self.”

 And that’s something we are desperate to do… And we can – just keep reading…

“Through a powerful combination of mediatation, yoga, energy work and crystal bowl sound healing with Carly Grace and music led by Hattie Webb on her beautiful harp, we will clear fear, doubt and limiting beliefs. We will work to bring in love, light and authentic power. Allowing you to grow and expand with grace and ease.”

If all that doesn’t sound gorgeous enough, then even post event there are more treats to be had, with lots of lovely treasures ready to be bought just in time for Christmas.

 Ahead of the day, I chat all things meditation and more with Lucy and Leah….



MM: You guys have got together to create this beautiful meditation event. Is this the first event of this kind you’ve run? What led you to the idea? 

Lucy: It is the first event we’ve ever ran. We both got on extremely well straight away, it was like we were long lost sisters, so the decision to do some project together was an easy one. Our energies vibe so well together.


MM: What sort of things can people expect from the day? 

Lucy: Love, relaxation, stillness, calm, and empowerment. Oh, and maybe tea too.


MM: You are both huge advocates of meditation. When did you begin to meditate and what impact did it have on your life immediately?

Lucy: I started years ago, but it’s only in the last few years I have felt I could teach it. It’s had an impact on my life from day 1, from that very first session all those years ago. It still has an impact today. Meditation is a powerful tool, that lets be the person you really want to be.

Leah: I discovered transcendental meditation five years ago and have experienced its life changing qualities for me and my family. Meditation has shielded and guided me through motherhood and inspired me through my creative endeavours. 


MM: As you’ve learned more about meditation and practice, how has your life been influenced by it? 

Lucy: It has taught me to slow down, to look at situations calmly, to accept that some things can’t be changed, and that we can accept them as they are. It’s given me a solid foundation and safe haven where I retreat when life gets overwhelming. I start every single day with a meditation.


MM: You are both Yogi’s. How did you get started on yoga and did you love it from the first moment or did it take time to get into it. I found I had to work a while to connect with the whole thing and the teacher.

Lucy: Yes, you have to work at it at first, especially if you’re not naturally flexible or used to the calm and relaxation. It can be hard to switch off. But I always felt yoga was great for me, even in those moments when I found it hard to commit. 


MM: Lucy you’ve trained with and learned from lights like guru Jagat, Carly Grace and Elena Brower, what a privilege! What impact did they have on your style of teaching and your life? 

Lucy: They are my role models and my inspiration. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They are like family now, and I am so grateful for them. Carly is coming to the event to do her amazing crystal sound bowl healing.

Lucy, your aim is to give people the spiritual tools to step into their light and live a life truly authentic to themselves. You used to be a lawyer before starting your beautiful jewellery business. What tools did you use to step away from law and into your true light? What was the transition like? What were the challenges?

 Lucy: I used yoga and meditation to find what my true path was. I knew it wasn’t law, I just wasn’t sure where to go from there. Meditation and yoga gave me not only the confidence to do something new, it also gave me the direction I needed.


MM: And Leah, have you ever had a situation similar to Lucy’s where you’ve used meditation and yoga to find your truth?

Leah: Well I definitely know that without my yoga practices and my meditation I probably would have lost my head by now! They both, for me, work hand in hand. These days, especially being a mother of two very energetic kids, to slow down and be still for those minutes really does wonders for my headspace! And along with the yoga that is just amazing time, time for me and practice. I feel a thousand percent after a good class! So to answer your question I’lI would have to say, that I guess I just followed my true path to where I am today!


MM: How can mediation help a mother? 

Leah: Meditation for a Mother! Yes, I cannot emphasise that if you can do it, it is the most powerful tool you could give yourself! Those minutes alone, focusing on nothing else but your Mantra or your breath, or whatever it is you have learned by whichever teacher… it’s your secret weapon for life. It may take a while for you to notice the effects or not but at least you can have that to fall back on when your day is tough. You get back up and get back out there again! 


MM: I know that you’ve said before how mediation helps your whole family, can you elaborate on that?

 Leah: I meditate, my husband meditates, my little girl meditates all I have to do now is get my 2 and a half year old to meditate then the whole family will be present and Zen!


MM: Does it help when your partner is also on-board?

Leah: I think meditation works best when the both of you are in it together, for sure. It’s a way of life to us now. If I don’t meditate I feel it, so I make sure I do it. 


MM: Lucy, can you tell us more about your beautiful jewellery business, Rock and Raw? 

Lucy: Yes; Spiritual jewelery, artisan, organic, made in London, only the most beautiful and precious stones, filled with intentions! It’s such powerful stuff. Talismen for your soul evolution.


MM: Can you tell us about the power of crystals and stones? 

Lucy: Crystal power is insane. One of the beautiful things is that they are tailored to your needs. For example quartz promotes protection and elevation. Rose quartz; love, nurturing and gentleness

 All our crystals are hand carved and set with the highest intentions. They are also beautiful!


MM: What would you say is your ultimate aim for the day and for the women who attend?

Both: To find a haven of peace and harmony, and to take some time out from their busy day to focus on themselves, to nurture their true self, to listen to that inner voice. They should come out of it feeling rejuvenated.


MM: What’s next for you both? Do you think you’ll collaborate on similar events or jewellery collections in the future?

Absolutely, this is only the start! Watch this space! 


MM: What are you most looking forward to about the day?

Both: Just seeing all these people in one place, doing something that makes them feel better about themselves and the world in general, and gives them the tools they need to overcome whatever obstacle they might be facing.


Thank you both for coming to Mindfood Magpie today and for putting on this amazing event! I cannot wait to see you both there. I’ll let everyone know how it all went in a future post.


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