My Favourite Sunday Riley Facial Oils

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Sunday Riley facial oils are (beauty) world renowned skincare heroes. Considering that as a brand, Sunday Riley has been around less than eight years, that’s no mean feat. She’s a chemist to trade and uses her expertise to create the most phenomenal formulas that work with unrivalled accuracy, time after time. Every time I think I won’t like something, because it’s not aimed at my skin type, I try it and discover shes proven me wrong… again. Sunday Riley really is a special brand who make dreamy potions that work like magic, in jewel-like containers that deftly steal the heart of any beauty product lover.

Here are my two favourite oils from her perfectly curated portfolio of four.

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Artemis Cellular Face Oil

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All Sunday Riley products are somewhat coveted but this is one of the lesser raved-about oils. In fact, it barely gets a look at, straggling behind all her other oils in column inches and holy grail status, despite its utter brilliance.

This oil, as with all of Sunday’s oils, comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with a pipette style applicator. Everything from the heavy cardboard outer box to glass is substantial and luxurious in terms of quality. The 30ml of product will certainly last a long time, given that you only need 2-3 drops per application.

Sunday Riley portfolio of oils are targeted at specific problem areas and Artemis is marketed at those with oily, spotty or combination skin. My skin is actually at the other end of the skin scale with it being problematic in terms of dryness but this is one of my favourite oils.

It’s great for overnight but I am also extremely pleased with how it performs under makeup. It gives the loveliest healthy glow! Eminent beauty writer Sali Hughes says it gives better glow than any other product, and she really has tried them all so I’m inclined to think it’s success with me isn’t just a fluke result. It delivers a noticeable plumping, softened, glowy look and I can’t help but be impressed every time I go back to it.

This is the most pleasant smelling of the Sunday Riley oils and I actually like it in a strange way. It’s sort of like lemon groves and wet straw… which might not sound entirely delightful but Sunday Riley scents are certainly an acquired taste and this is a comparatively pleasant one from her range! Don’t have high expectations though, as the chances are you won’t be particularly impressed. She doesn’t use perfumes to mask unpleasant odours, which is good for the skin, and not so good for your nose but the scents don’t linger (unless like me, your three year old niece spills a bottle of her oil on your mattress ensuring the scent lingers forever. Thank God it wasn’t Juno, that’s all I can say!).

The ingredient list includes lemon iron bark, lemon myrtle and milk thistle, which all act as anti inflammatories and calm aggravated skin. If you suffer from breakouts or generally irritated skin then this should reduce the redness and soothe any puffiness without clogging up the skin and creating more unruliness in the form of spots or blocked pores. Omega 3 helps prevent sun damage and increase cell turnover. This, combined with flax seed, will resurface and brighten the skin surface and you’ll look positively glowing instead of dull and grey. Sunday Riley has once again created a show stopping little potion here. I know her produce is expensive but in my experience, she never fails to deliver a sophisticated formula and lovely, worth-the-price (even at an exorbitant £95!) product.

Sunday Riley Flora Facial Oil

My Favourite Sunday Riley Facial Oils - Flora

I settled on Flora as my other favourite Sunday Riley oil without too much deliberation. This is a stalwart of her collection and with good reason. It’s targeted towards buyers with more mature, dry skin textures. I fit the bill and have found this to be excellent at boosting hydration and overall softening. I use this instead of moisturiser on a regular basis as I find it a much more potent product than any moisturiser. I also use it in conjunction with moisturisers by layering it with them. I use it day and night and it causes no problems with makeup or skincare combining. It doesn’t give the unparalleled glow of Artemis, but I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with it as a moisture booster. I do agree it’s particularly good for dry or mature skin.

It’s the same 30ml bottle as the other oils and again will last a long while. As with the other oils from the collection, this isn’t lightweight in texture; it’s a thick, dry oil and quite unique in that combination.

This oil is comprised of a truly beautiful blend of nourishing Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian Red Roses – plus a multitude of powerful anti oxidants that protect skin from environmental damage and signs of ageing – are utilised in this pretty little bottle.

The fragrance is not “rose-y” much to my eternal disappointment as a proud rose-scent lover! As I had hoped, of rose. This oil has an organic, veggie smell that might vaguely resemble dead roses… at best.

It’s just a really good mixer and ultimately can always be relied upon to work at nourishing the skin without any issues. It’s often the one I’ll reach just for that reason; I never fear it going off-piste and doing something crazy. I know exactly how it will perform and although it’s not mind blowingly brilliant, it is always, always good. And sometimes that’s more important than something being super exciting or novel.

If you want advice from the CEO herself, Sunday Riley gave a good interview a couple of years ago with Pixiwoo. Watch this for more detailed information on the best picks from her range for each skin ailment. Of course, this is an advert and not entirely unbiased, since Pixiwoo are being compensated to feature Sunday, but it’s certainly still helpful. Watch it here…