About Mindfood Magpie

Mindfood Magpie is a vessel for me to explore happiness, confidence, spirituality, self-development, nutrition, health, fitness, relationships, beauty, travel and culture. I use it as my soapbox for sharing my observations on life and living. It’s my little square of this incredible World Wide Web and chronicles my journey of trying to be myself, but better.

This blog is your front row seat to watch healing (spiritually and physically) and my attempts to mine the positivity out of every single thing the universe sends me. Gratitude is proven to make people ‘better’, happier, more authentic and optimistic. You’ll get to watch me practice gratitude and many other techniques in my mission to evolve into a better human and conscious force for good in this wonderful world. I’m sure there will be peaks and valleys, and I’ll try to share these. You might be inspired to go on your own mission to improve or accept. If I can do it, so can you! Maybe together we can earn ourselves a collective lifetime ban from the not-so-sought-after membership club, “Rock Bottom”.

The name ‘Mindfood Magpie’ came from my love and compulsion to collect books, stories, videos, quotes, pictures, poetry, information and inspiration that feeds my mind and soul. My desire is to soar (like a bird, wink wink) spiritually, (instead of crawling, like I’ve often done) and create an environment that gives readers a birds-eye view of the self-development and health and wellness landscape.

I share stories, ideas, wisdom, motivation and opinions – not just my own, but also yours. I see this as being a place for ‘us’, rather than a space for me. I collaborate with experts in a variety of fields relating to all of the aforementioned areas of exploration, so that we can learn and grow together.

I post a minimum of three times per week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – but throw in at least one weekly bonus post, too. I try to create an informative, vibrant, lively, interactive tool for kind communication between each of us and welcome comments and emails. I always respond to them!

If you’d like to read a little more about why I’m here, then please have a look at the Welcome to Mindfood Magpie! post, or to find out a little more about me, the About Me section of the site should help.

Thanks for reading and I hope your time meandering around my magpie nest is enjoyable!


Mindfood Magpie