Baby Magpie


Hello, Mama Magpies!

Firstly, doesn’t ‘Baby Magpie’ sound SO cute?! The first time my friend signed off a message to me with, “Love, Baby Magpie”, my heart nearly melted because it was so adorable. She was pregnant, she hadn’t gone mad or taken on a new bird persona.

I am not one of you amazing, hard-working, exhausted mamas but I feature regular posts and columns from those who are.

These vulnerable and honest tales of love, inspiration and unrivalled joy will go alongside stories of tedium, trials and tricky moments. The complexity of pregnancy and parenthood is not something that a muggle like me could begin to comprehend but I love to showcase those who do, whether they be mothers or midwifes.

Have a look around for hints, tips and empathy galore.

And if you are a Mama yourself… well done, you’re doing great, and one day you’ll look back on these times as your glory days… but then you know that. So, keep going, you’ll get some sleep…. soon.