Magpie Munchies

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Magpie Munchies of the fruity variety!

Hello, you! Welcome to the page I’ve been most reluctant to update, the ominous Food Section.

Why ominous, you ask?

It’s a complicated thing, diet. I’ve long had a bizarre relationship with food, weight and fitness. I’ve never had an eating disorder as such but my eating has been disordered: some years I consumed double dinners daily and have overeaten to a fantastic degree, and other years I’d eat nothing at all until 3pm, every day. I’ve been thin and not known it and more peculiarly, I’ve been fat and not known it, like some sort of anorexia in reverse! That seems a bizzare thing… I mean, we hear all the time about slim people who think (wrongly) that they’re fat, but not about people who are growing enormously and don’t notice! It’s not like I’m brimming with confidence, I didn’t think “oh I’m looking fabulous” but it didn’t seem to see the expansion that was happening in front of my own eyes. Talking about this reminds me of when my dad came out of a shop and declared he was on a diet as he’d had to buy a bigger size trouser in his usual shop. He was steadfast in his belief that, “you can’t just keep buying bigger britches!”. Maybe the fact I wore so much loungewear (read: pyjamas) meant that I didn’t notice because I didn’t have to buy bigger britches?! They’re pretty stretchy and accommodating…

Anyway, I’ve been fit and I’ve been, and continue to be, pretty dreadfully unfit.

I’m currently carrying more weight than I think is good for me, but more than that, I’m sick of eating food that doesn’t nourish and make me feel good.

I’m tired of having so little balance in the health, diet and fitness front.

In a bid to lose the extra weight I am carrying and become healthier I am very gently shifting my diet to a more energising, plant-based one.

This comes after the voraciously reading of literature surrounding autoimmune disorders, nutrition, animal welfare, the environmental impacts of factory farming and realising that despite my addiction to meat and junk food, I resonate with the plant-based movement and increasing feel shamed by my consumption of animal products.

My goal is to document the process by which I transform my health, body and fitness in one delicious and cozy little corner of Mindfood Magpie.

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Magpie Munchies of the veggie variety!

I will share the trials and tribulations of my transition from a processed food addict to a whole food enthusiast. I know it won’t be easy. I have tried to change my eating habits many times before without permanence, but I have high hopes and a stronger will than ever before.

When I’ve attempted to reduce my meat consumption before, I have always felt completely deprived shortly prior to caving under a giant pile of cooked chicken or 5 juicy steaks (not that juicy too be fair. I like them well done. Like a heathen). This time I will have to be creative, innovative and most importantly, committed.

I know in my heart that embracing a new way of living and feeding myself is my best hope of improving my health long term. I have read interesting studies on people who effectively overcame debilitating autoimmune conditions through diet and I look forward to reaping the rewards of my personal study.

I don’t have the patience, skill or talent to be a good photographer so the images I post of my edible creations will depict feasts for the belly, not for the eyes. Bear with me…!

Oh… and send me your own healthy recipes… and most importantly, wish me luck!

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