Makeup & Skinfood Magpie

A stranger recently asked me what I blogged about. When I answered, “spirituality, psychology, skincare, makeup…” they rather indiscreetly replied that “makeup and skincare aren’t very spiritual“.

It’s not a view that surprises me at all, but it does interest me. It has even conflicted me, if I’m really honest. Not because I am aligned with the same opinion, but because I know so many others are.

I know that an interest or passion for the surface doesn’t demonstrate a lack of depth, perspective, kindness or knowledge. I equally know some people think it does.

I am well-educated and concern myself with visiting the sites of Liberty Human Rights or Amnesty International as regularly as I do, “Get the Gloss”.

I haven’t missed an episode of Question Time in about 15 years. I’ve missed very few issues of Psychologies magazine over the same time-frame. But I love a regular makeup-filled glossy mag, too.

The urge to help people isn’t diluted by the fact that I like serum or tinted balm on my lips. Heck, I often even wear a face mask as I sit signing petitions or donating to Help Refugees. Can you believe, sometimes I even wait for a clay mask to set or moisture mask to erm… moisturise, while I watch a boxing match?!

I, like so many, find the ritual of applying layers of skincare or makeup meditative! Now, who says makeup isn’t spiritual?!?!

…I jest, of course! I don’t even wear any makeup most days, so I’m certainly not telling anyone else they should, but I don’t think cleansing your face is any more superficial than washing your body or applying deodorant. Surely, some of this is just basic hygiene? The rest of it, just creativity, self-care, joy, a bit of play and experimentation that we don’t get much as adults.

Some people collect stamps… I collect pretty palettes.

I don’t judge people for wearing no makeup/minimal makeup/loud makeup/Instagram style makeup. Why on earth would I? I have a personal preference for quite minimal looking, subtly applied makeup but that doesn’t mean it’s inherently better than the opposite. That’s just what you’ll most likely see me refer to as my favourite style of face paint.

I generally test skincare on my own (sensitive, dry, dehydrated) skin and on some mature and oily-skinned associates.

I am incredibly inspired by great makeup artists so will feature them at any given opportunity.

I think anything that makes us feel more confident and attractive is a good thing so I’m happy to promote cosmetics as a potentially positive choice. A choice I make only sometimes.

Illness, nature and bad luck have provided me with a myriad of skincare challenges and I’ll continue to try to overcome or control them, and keep you abreast of any new formulations, technologies or old wives tales I successfully test.

Please let me know any hints, tips or product favourites you have that may be of use to me or others. I’ll be only too happy to shout them from the Mindfood Magpie rooftops!